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More About Henna Muse By Divya

Bride's Henna

Henna Muse by Divya was formed in 2021 by Divya Bandari, the founder and a senior henna artist having 15-plus years of experience. Who determined to follow her passion for henna and transformed it into a business on the ideals of empowerment and inspiration.


 "I started developing the interest at a very young age and used to do henna for my friends and family during my free time. I used to get many compliments for my art. Since then, I kept improving my skill gradually in various henna styles (Indian Trinational, Arabic, Gulf, and fusion). I am also trained in Bridal Henna to serve my clients with more confidence along with professionalism. 


​Henna Muse by Divya has been providing services to clients, fulfilling their needs for bridal, party, corporate, and community events. We also offer individual sessions at our home studio.

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